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The ABCs of ATL - A Hilarious Guide to Atlanta

The ABCs of ATL - A Hilarious Guide to Atlanta

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A hilarious guide to Atlanta you don't want to miss!

Welcome to the REAL Atlanta! The ABCs of ATL is here to take kids and adults on a hilarious adventure through the heart of Atlanta. This isn't your typical Atlanta children's book – it's a fun-filled journey that will have readers of all ages learning, laughing, and discovering the true essence of our beloved A-Town. No matter what age, this is the perfect gift for Atlanta lovers, residents, newcomers, or those who have since moved away and could use a taste of home. The best part? Adults will actually have a blast reading it again and again!

  • 🎁 The perfect, unique Atlanta gift
  • 📚 A children’s book that is actually fun for adults!
  • 🎨 Clever rhymes and vibrant illustrations
  • 🏙️ Learn about the REAL Atlanta in a playful and engaging way

Step into the shoes of true Atlanta insiders as they spill the sweet tea on the city's hidden gems, iconic landmarks, local culture, and everything in between. With each turn of the page, kids and adults alike will discover clever rhymes and vibrant illustrations that bring the real ATL to life like never before.

This book is the ultimate "if you know, you know"... and if you don't yet, you soon will!  Get ready to journey from Turner Field to Truist Park, pet dogs along the BeltLine, swerve into Atlanta's Hip-Hop history, and soar high above Hartsfield-Jackson to the depths of the Georgia Aquarium. From A to Z, every letter unlocks a new adventure, leaving no stone unturned and no hilarious truth untold.

If you're looking to experience the REAL Atlanta in a playful and engaging way, "The ABCs of ATL" is the perfect choice for kids and adults alike. Get ready for this entertaining and enlightening journey that will captivate the whole family and make learning about Atlanta an absolute blast! 

Hurry and secure your copy of the ABCs of ATL today, as our limited print run means that once these vibrant pages are gone, they're gone for good, ensuring you don't miss out on this whimsical journey through Atlanta's heart and soul!

Ready to embark on your Atlanta adventure? Don't wait – snag your copy of the ABCs of ATL now and dive into the vibrant world of our beloved city!

Curious about how to capture the true essence of Atlanta in a single book? Wondering if there's a fun and engaging way to introduce your little ones to the magic of our beloved city? Ready to embark on an adventure through the streets of Atlanta without ever leaving your home?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

A really nice conversation piece when guest come over!

Shelley Humes
Fun for kids and adults!

Great book for both of my grandchildren ages 2 and 4. Lots of colorful illustrations and easy to read. As an adult the first time I read it I was loving all the references to Atlanta and got a big kick out of it!! Keep on writing girls!

William Glosson

Can't recommend this book enough! It's the perfect gift for Atliens of all ages.

Best Gift!!

I purchased this book for my niece and nephew along with my sister, all of which grew up in Atlanta, and it was immediately a hit with all of them. This fun book captured the essence of what Atlanta is all about!


I don’t know who came up with this idea but it’s brilliant and really well executed. Would definitely recommend as a gift to people with kids or just people who love Atlanta